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Qiu Zi Xuan is the former star player of the volleyball team and its current manager.


Qiu Zi Xuan has short brown hair, circular thin-rimmed glasses, and brown eyes.


Qiu Zi Xuan is an avid volleyball fan who longs to be able to play again, but stays on the sidelines because of his leg injury. He is a good friend and manager, as can be seen in the show. He had a cold attitude towards Hsia Yu Hao in the beginning, but gradually warms up and they form a bond that then turns into love.


Qiu Zi Xuan is a former member of the volleyball team, who has become the team manager during his third year due to a leg injury that prohibits him from playing. When his friend forces Hsia Yu Hao to join their team, the two of them don’t get along. But eventually their feelings change and Qui Zi Xuan starts to help the younger member train. Qui Zi Xiao battled his own internal struggle of not being able to play volleyball any longer throughout the series, and hurts his leg on multiple occasions.

Qui Zi Xuan’s sister, Qui Qian Ru, has feelings for Hsia Yu Hao after he saved her during a fight, and makes her brother give him food she made for lunch every day. However, Hsia doesn’t return these feelings, and ends up falling for Zi Xuan instead. This all comes to a head right before a game, where Hsia Yu Hai confesses his feelings to Zi Xuan, leaving him frustrated and confused over his own feelings.

In the end, Qian Ru finds out the truth, and makes it known to her brother that she’s been heart broken before, so this time is no different. Zi Xuan is able to overcome his worries and he and Hsia get together.



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